Template Subfolders in Phoenix

Reading Time 1 mins
This is one of the things that annoyed me when I was starting to create apps in phoenix. Why don’t it let me create subfolders to store partials in. I want better organization of my templates. This is an easy fix in phoenix. I didn’t come up with this but wanted to share it. I got it from here, credit goes to Chris McCord and OvermindDL1. There are two ways to achieve this.

Phoenix Live View is Available

Reading Time 1 mins
I seen some awesome news earlier that Phoenix Live View is available to play with. I haven’t had the chance to play with it yet. Maybe this weekend I will get the chance. It’s still very early so expect it to change and be a bit buggy. If you don’t know Phoenix Live View is a real-time server-rendering HTML. Think React or Vue but the work is done on server side.

Useful Elixir Libraries

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I’m still new to elixir but I really love working in this language. I wanted to share a handful of libraries I found useful in my projects.