Phoenix Live View is Available

I seen some awesome news earlier that Phoenix Live View is available to play with. I haven’t had the chance to play with it yet. Maybe this weekend I will get the chance. It’s still very early so expect it to change and be a bit buggy.

If you don’t know Phoenix Live View is a real-time server-rendering HTML. Think React or Vue but the work is done on server side.

One of the things that annoyed me about javascript driven websites is that they aren’t very search engine friendly. I believe google does render some pages now. Everything rendered on server side makes these sites more friendly to search engines, while still being real-time.

That’s one benefit, the main one I see is the ability to skip javascript or at least only have a minimal amount code. Less code means less to maintain and less bugs. Also reducing the amount of data sent to client since you don’t have to send these big javascript frameworks.

This hasn’t been tested on a production site, so we don’t know how it will scale yet. So far its pretty impressive though.

Here are a few creations people have tweeted about