Useful Elixir Libraries

I’m still new to elixir but I really love working in this language. I wanted to share a handful of libraries I found useful in my projects.

How To Schedule Post Using A Static Site And Netlify

One of the things I wanted when doing this blog was the ability to write post and have them published in the future. I also wanted a static site for the ease of maintaining and not worry about keeping the site up to date.

You will need to be using a static site generator that will only create the article on the a set publish date. I’m using Hugo for this site and it has a publishDate in the meta data on the article. If set Hugo will only create the article if its past that date.

Netlify has build hooks which you can call to trigger a rebuild.

Welcome To My Blog

Welcome to my blog. The main focus of this blog will be technology and programming. I am a solo-developer and I try to build projects that will have an income, so some of my post will be business related too. Basically things I am working on or find interesting. My goal is to add value to you with tips and tricks I learn.