Useful Elixir Libraries

I’m still new to elixir but I really love working in this language. I wanted to share a handful of libraries I found useful in my projects.


  1. Mix
    Mix automatically runs your test everytime a file is saved. This way you can see immediately that you broke something or that your test are passing. A real time saver.

  2. ExDoc
    ExDoc is a tool for generating documentation from your elixir project using your comments.

  3. Comeonin
    If you need to store passwords than Comeonin library hashes your passwords.

  4. Bamboo
    Bamboo is a easy email library with Integeration with most major mailers like mailgun, mandrill etc. Took me almost no time to set this up in my project.

  5. distillery
    Distillery Builds a release that you can deploy to your server.

  6. edeliver
    edeliver helps build and deploy your release.

There are some other really awesome libraries at Awesome Elixir

What are some of your favorite libraries or tools?