Elixir Course

Reading Time 1 mins
The elixir crash course is now available. It’s not an in-depth course on elixir, just enough to get you going. I hope you enjoy the course. The audio isn’t as good as I had hoped but if I keep fussing with it I will never release it or make more courses. I have already taken steps to improve audio in the next course. I’m currently outlining a Phoenix course. If you have any request let me know what you would like to see the course cover or an app idea you would like to see built.

Elixir Crash Course Coming Soon

Reading Time 2 mins

I have begin creating a small video crash course for Elixir. The course will be covering the very basics. The best way to learn something is by doing it. But with you still need some basic knowledge to understand what’s going on. The idea of this course is to do that, give you the very basics. So you have a foundation to start building projects on.