Elixir Crash Course Coming Soon

I have begin creating a small video crash course for Elixir. The course will be covering the very basics. The best way to learn something is by doing it. But with you still need some basic knowledge to understand what’s going on. The idea of this course is to do that, give you the very basics. So you have a foundation to start building projects on.

Release Date

I don’t have a release date for the course yet. I am still outlining the course and producing the content. Sign-up for my newsletter to get notified when the course is available. I’m also going a little slow as this will be only the second course I have created and I can only produce it in my spare time.


This course is going to be available for the low cost of FREE at first. The pricing could change in the future. So sign-up for the newsletter to make sure you get it while it’s free.

You might wonder what the catch is. Well my plan is to give this course away so you learn the basics of elixir, then to sell you courses related to it. Depending on interest I plan to make some phoenix courses. If you don’t want those courses you don’t have to buy them. Well there you have it, my evil plan.